HPC Football has a 46-week full time Academy program in Perth, Western Australia. Squads play with Balcatta FC in the National Premier  League. Each year a selected age group of players is offered a tour to Europe to compete with a range of playing levels including English Premier League Academy squads such as Burnley FC and Hull City.

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      • My daughter had a fantastic time at the training/information night last week. She was busy telling me about all the things she learnt in this session and enjoyed training with some new girls too. We are looking forward to getting involved in the Summer Academy.

      • I would like my son to try everything to become a better player and person.  From a semi professional player in the uk myself who had no help I believe that what the Burnley fc academy has taught my son is fantastic and at this stage I can see the improvement is ten fold already.   I'm in this program for the long haul and would hope that one day he might have a chance to play for the state team hopefully. Thanks to Burnley my lad is at the goalkeeper training centre twice a week were at the age of nine he is already doing well so for everyone's sake fingers crossed once again I can't thank Burnley enough for this opportunity.

      • Good morning, 

        As a parent of one of the U14 players, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you some feedback following last nights training session. 

        My son returned to the car full motivation, commitment, team spirit and fight. He set his alarm this morning and was up bright and early to complete his body weight program and is extremely motivated for the upcoming season. 

        Many thanks for your continued support and commitment. 

      • Hi Guys,

        It was great this weekend at Margaret River to see what you have taught the players being put into action.

      • Good Day James, Paul, Chris and Matt

        I’m sure you guys have been inundated with emails such as this, but I felt it would be remiss of me not to personally thank you all for the amazing opportunity you gave our son in taking him to New Zealand.  He has NOT stopped talking about it since his arrival home.  I truly believe it was an experience of a lifetime and gave him the smallest taste of living his dream! 

        Amongst all the talk of what they got up to, the thing that he keeps referring to, and I think made the biggest impact was the discipline and game structure that you taught the boys.  He thrived on the idea of a game plan (something very foreign to some coaching strategies) and loved every minute of match preparation, team building and structured game play.  Thank you all so much for your professionalism and approach with the boys – it was not lost on him and he seems to have thrived on it! 

        I imagine that when you get home you like to receive feedback on what did and did not work on tour so that you can work on improving things next time.  So here goes – there were no negatives that we can come up with!!   From a football point of view, he is still overawed at lining up against a national team and the enormity of the occasion was certainly not lost on him.  The experience will stay with him always!  Being treated as a serious football player was a dream come true.  Every aspect of the football experience was excellent.

        Thanks for the updates – we knew they were safe and doing well and we’ve had a kick by kick commentary now that he is home – I have even had the things that he did wrong during games vividly described and analysed.

        There was just enough spare time/touristy things involved to complete the experience of an overseas trip (having said that though, the football was by far the highlight!).

        He enjoyed the fact that they were given some autonomy with cooking etc and actually surprised me when he said he enjoyed having younger boys share his room because he had to step up and look after them, making sure they packed all their gear etc.  AMAZING!!

        I hope he behaved himself – I know he can be a bit of a “lad” sometimes but always tries to have a laugh and a good time.

        So that’s it from me.  Again, many many thanks to you all.  From all I have been told it was a successful tour and huge learning experience and your professionalism was genuinely appreciated.  A win would have been cool but from his report, he is really proud of his team and team mates and how they bonded together and played some “good football”.   James – your coaching style really worked and he loved every minute of it!


      • This has been by far the best camp that I have been involved in, the effort put in by both yourself and James was to be honest unbelievable.

      • It was a pleasure to have been involved in the inaugural Burnley camp and an honour to work with such a fantastic team of professional and like-minded people.

      • I would like to thank you and your team for putting on a great workshop last night. My son was pumped after the Psychology in Football and is very excited about the Academy opening up. He was up first thing this morning kicking the ball around. There are some very exciting times coming up for you and all the staff at Burnley and we are happy that our son has had the opportunities to learn from you guys in the last couple of years with the HPC and with the school of excellences and with his hard work many years to come.

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